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I stepped away for what seemed like a moment and now it’s 2015! I haven’t finished my blogging journey. I haven’t abandoned my writing dream, they are just on hold for a while. The birth of a new year, hopefully, brings with it a fresh start. You might have noticed me stopping by a few blogs […]

Do you or don’t you? Over here in UK’land there are a couple of magazines aimed specifically at writers. I subscribe to Writers’ Forum and have been known to buy the other one imaginatively called Writing Magazine. (Give the marketing person a bonus for coming up with that title!) I think they are the main […]

I took part in the 2013 A to Z Challenge and whilst I’m NOT participating this time around I thought I’d remind you of this blogging extravaganza in case you were interested. I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s competition, but I know that I don’t have the time to edit my book and take part again this […]

“Well you’re never gonna get it!” So say the Barenaked Ladies, the Canadian band famous for their catchy and clever lyrics. Definite song-tongue-twisters. A band perhaps more famous these days for their theme tune for The Big Bang Theory, but some great albums. Anyway, this is not a post about them, or music. I came […]



They say that writing is a solitary craft. Most of the time you’re working on your own unless you count the characters in your head. I’m not sure I want to go down the road of counting them as “helping” me write. Hinder more like! There are some writing double acts. P.J. Tracey are a […]

Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 648 KB Print Length: 416 pages Publisher: HarperCollins (4 Sep 2008) Language: English Sold by: Amazon UK, Amazon US Official Dean Koontz website Overview Odd Thomas lives always between two worlds. He can see the lingering dead and knows that even in the chaos, there is order, purpose, and strange meaning that invites our understanding – but often […]

No. I didn’t bow to pressure from my wife and sign-up for the one-way journey to the red planet. Just in case you were wondering. If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about then I’m used to that, but I posted about this project last January and the post is here for your reading […]

One of the benefits of having your own blog is that you can help out your friends when their latest book is released. Today sees the unveiling of THE NINE, the final book in The Mirrors of Bershan trilogy by J. Elizabeth Hill. May I present: THE NINE The Mirrors of Bershan, Book 3 Description […]

This is a serious question. I’m serious. Stop laughing at the back. I saw some footage recently of some event going on in Trafalgar Square and NO-ONE was just watching. Everyone held their phone in the air recording the event. There could have been a few reasons for this: They wanted to review it later […]

Whilst conducting *Research* you find all sorts of interesting things. When I talk about *Research* I mean I was procrastinating reading through the BBC website. I find them a great source of interesting information and not remotely wasting valuable writing time. Okay, maybe a little. Anyway, my school years saw the birth of the Space […]