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Today is National Flash Fiction day in the UK. I must admit that I had never heard of Flash Fiction until last year. When my writing group were talking about publishing a book of our stories someone suggested we include Flash Fiction and I said “Wha’?” During the OU Creative Writing course we had to write […]

It arrived. The email I had waited for since submitting my short story Adventures before Christmas. The word REJECTION wasn’t in the title of the email. It hadn’t been typed in the body of the email. It wasn’t even included in the attachment, but my story wasn’t being shortlisted for the monthly prize. Whichever way you […]

Happy New Year! I thought I would use my first post of 2012 to set myself some goals. 1. I want to write more. I have a novel to finish, a script to tweak and several short stories that are at various stages of completion. My aim is to complete them and send them off. […]



Last weekend my writing group had a get together. Well, actually only two of us were able to attend, but the soon to be published Mr Craig Hallam and I met up to talk about all things writing. We’re planning another meet-up early in January where, hopefully, everyone will be able to get together and […]

I thought about taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve contemplated taking part in the last four competitions but always found a reason not to enter. The last couple of years I’ve been studying, so the thought of juggling 50,000 words and OU assignments at the same time made me put my NaNoWriMo ambitions on […]

After what feels like: – 15 years since I had the idea for my novel; 6 years after I started writing it; 5 years since I finished the first draft; 4 years after I re-drafted the first few chapters; 3 years after I started studying Creative Writing, 5 months since I finished my studying (complete with my Diploma in Creative Writing!) I […]

A couple of months ago I told a friend that I would never buy a Kindle. I love that new book smell, the course texture of the paper and being able to bend the pages over if I want to. I can crease the spine and no-one can stop me. It’s my book. A cold, hard piece of technology […]

I’m the type of person who would never have thought about joining a writing group. The idea was just not me. Before the creative writing course it would have been at the bottom of my list of things to do to help my writing. But at the end of the course a few of us decided to […]