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July has been and gone. 2013 is hurtling towards us faster than an Olympic sprinter. I mentioned in my June Update never to take a holiday if you know we’re off and definitely don’t follow us anywhere. Well we’re off this week and the UK weather turned from glorious sunshine and warm weather back to […]

June is HISTORY and we are ALREADY half-way through 2012. This year is flying like nobody’s business. We had two weeks off work this month so the weather turned and the sunshine was replaced with rain and threatening looking clouds. We’re used to it. The number of times we’ve had leave from work and the weather […]

What a month we have had! We’ve battled through the snow, high-winds and the type of rain that made Noah make plans for a big boat. Over at the Steel City Writers we took on the A to Z Blogging Challenge and reached the dizzy heights of K before the wheels fell off. Maybe next […]

I was doing well this week. In fact, I would say I was on a roll this month. I’d increased my workload and re-written nearly 10k words by mid-month. I was in a good routine, writing most evenings after work, my mind was uncluttered and I had a clear vision of where each scene was […]