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Treats are great!

I finished my diet two weeks ago and my wife pointed out this weekend that I haven’t had a proper treat yet. I’ve eaten more and had a few things that I haven’t eaten for months, but not a proper … Continue reading

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Liebster Blog Award

The fabulous Lucinda Rose, fellow writer and blogger has awarded me the Liebster blog award! Thank you, Lucinda. You can check her blog at rosereads. Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with … Continue reading

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Dieting can be good for your Writing

I started dieting at the end of May. I suffer from migraines and a side effect of the medication I take is an increased risk of early onset diabetes. My Doctor’s told me a few times to lose weight and … Continue reading

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I follow a DOG on Twitter!

My cat is not impressed. He’s found out that I follow a dog on Twitter. That lead to an awkward conversation about why he can’t go on the computer and have email or a blog and a twitter account. He wants … Continue reading

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Twitter made me buy a Kindle

A couple of months ago I told a friend that I would never buy a Kindle. I love that new book smell, the course texture of the paper and being able to bend the pages over if I want to. I can crease … Continue reading

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