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Where has my writing energy gone?

I’ve fallen out of love with writing. My writing energy evaporated. There one minute and the next, vanished into the mist. I have an addictive personality and rode the reading, writing and blogging wave for several years. All waves crash in … Continue reading

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Wait, it’s nearly April?

My good intentioned plans for posting in 2016 dried up as quickly as it started. My writing/editing of the novel I began writing in 1923 (seems that long ago) almost started. Almost. Over the lasts few weeks I’ve given myself a … Continue reading

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So, what did I do in 2015?

To be honest, the title of this post should be ”what did I do in 2014 & 2015”. Unfortunately, the answer is Nothing. Writing wise at least. I tinkered around the edges of I Can See You, but nothing more than that. … Continue reading

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They say that writing is a solitary craft. Most of the time you’re working on your own unless you count the characters in your head. I’m not sure I want to go down the road of counting them as “helping” … Continue reading

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Record Snowfall and NaNoWriMo

What do weather forecasters know? Sometimes they don’t seem to be able to predict the weather for the next few days, let alone long-term. That said, they have predicted the weather for the next few months and good old blighty … Continue reading

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