I have had the honour of being nominated for a number of blogging awards.

Now, some people LOVE them and others HATE them. I take the view that they are a good way of introducing yourselves to a new blogger and pass on thanks for blogs you enjoy reading.

I thought I would bring them all together in one page to thank the people for sharing the blogosphere love!


23rd June 2012 – Word Flows


illuminating Blogger Award

1x nominated

24th May 2012 – Barsetshirediaries


Sunshine Blogging Award

1x nominated

23rd May 2012 – Kourtney Heintz’s Journal


ABC Blogging Award

1x nominated

3rd May 2012 – EllaDee Words


1x nominated

 8th March 2012 – AllAboutLemon


4x nominated

20th January 2012 – Shannon Howell – My Life As An Author

21st January 2012 – Cath Bore – Liverpool writer about town

24th January 2012 – Olivia Boler

28th January 2012 – Buddhafulkat – where dream meets action


5x nominated

12th January 2012 – A Side Of Writing

17th January 2012 – Craig Hallam

20th January 2012 – Pen ‘n Tonic.

21st March 2012 –  The After-dream

15th April 2012 – A Word or More


8x nominated

versatile-blogger photo

17th December 2011 – Le Artiste Boots

2nd January 2012 – allaboutlemon

2nd February 2012 – Shannon Howell – My Life as an Author

20th February 2012 – Valerie King – Young Adult Fiction…with a twist

6th March 2012 – Dr. Pam Young at SkatingThru2012

12th March 2012 – A Side of Writing blog

13th March 2012 – The Vintage Style Queen

23rd May 2012 – Kourtney Heintz’s Journal


1x nominated

20th January 2012 – Belle of the Mountains


Liebster Blog Award

2x nominated

11th November 2011 – Rosereads

1st February 2012 – Beyond Confessions

3 Responses to Awards

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  2. jdanryan says:

    Peter, I nominated you for a Liebster, before I found out this would be your third time to the podium:

    Forgive me, as I try not to be repetitious, and hope you don’t mind me repeating myself…

  3. Hi Pete, I’ve come over to nominate you for the Liebster yet again. Surely that’s a platinum?

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