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Emma Woodcock has worked variously as a pump jockey, envelope stuffer, librarian, potter, and most recently, web designer. She lives in Derbyshire with a boyfriend and a child – but still no dog, despite her constant hints… She has been trying to write books for the past quarter century, but the need to make a living kept getting in the way. She has now perfected the ability to live on twigs and acorns in order to pursue her literary ambitions. YA fantasy, Darklands is her first novel, It will be followed in 2012 by Kikimora, the story of a reluctant monster, a heart-broken magician, a frustrated violinist, a kind-hearted Rusalka - and the magician's cat, who just might have the solution to all their problems.

Guest Post: Planner or Pantser: The ‘Oh yeah!’ moment

I wanted to write books for pretty much as long as I can remember.* I had lots of ideas – vague, dreamlike ideas that were apt to disintegrate on close inspection. I started writing lots of stories. I finished very … Continue reading

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