A to Z 2013

April is the month for another challenge: The A to Z Blog Challenge where you publish 26 posts inspired by the letters of the alphabet. The general theme will be writing, that is what I do, but there might be a few other ideas along the way.

A is for ADVERBS – Monday 1st April 2013

B is for BLOOD ANALYSIS – Tuesday 2nd April 2013

C is for CREATIVE WRITING COURSES – Wednesday 3rd April 2013

D is for DNA – Thursday 4th April 2013

E is for ESSENTIAL READING GUIDE – Friday 5th April 2013

F is for FINGERPRINTS – Saturday 6th April 2013

G is for G IS FOR GUEST POST – Monday 8th April 2013

H is for HARROGATE CRIME WRITING FESTIVAL – Tuesday 9th April 2013

I is for INSPIRATION – Wednesday 10th April 2013

J is for JUST DO IT – Thursday 11th April 2013

K is for KILL YOUR DARLINGS – Friday 12th April 2013

L is for LAZY WEEKENDS – Saturday 13th April 2013

M is for MARKS AND INPRESSIONS – Monday 15th April 2013

N is for NANOWRIMO – Tuesday 16th April 2013

O is for ORGANISATION – Wednesday 17th April 2013

P is for PLAN, PLAN THEN PLAN SOME MORE – Thursday 18th April 2013

Q is for QUIET PLEASE, WRITER WORKING – Friday 19th April 2013

R is for RESEARCH – Saturday 20th April 2013

S is for SCRIVENER – Monday 22nd April 2013

T is for TWITTER – Tuesday 23rd April 2013

U is for UNDERSTANDING TRACE EVIDENCE – Wednesday 24th April 2013

V is for VALIDATION – Thursday 25th April 2013

W is for WRITING GROUPS – Friday 26th April 2013

X is for X-RAY YOUR STORY – Saturday 27th April 2013

Y is for YESTERDAYS – Monday 29th April 2013

Z is for IN THE ZONE – Tuesday 30th April 2013

30 Responses to A to Z 2013

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  17. Janice Heck says:

    I like this listing of your topics. I have made a list of my topics also, if only to organize myself and my writing. Not sure if I got the idea here or somewhere else, but I think it is a good idea to do it this way (as a separate post).

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  27. Hi Pete, congratulations on getting throught the alphabet so well. I especially like ‘Kill your darlings’ because it also features on my blog under ‘how to be a crime writer!’ I’m looking forward to seeing what the format of your next challenge will be.


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