Blog Tour: Guest Post from Author of HIGH, Corey M. P.


Writing HIGH sort of just happened. I knew I always wanted to become a writer, and I knew I always wanted to write a novel, but I didn’t know when it would actually happen.

The first thing I ever wrote
I was fourteen years old. A boy I “liked” passed in front of me and I immediately grabbed a piece of paper and wrote how I felt. I read it and realized I had written my first poem. I instantly forgot about the boy, but never forgot how great it felt to write a poem…so I kept writing. Weeks later, I had a whole notebook full of poems. Each day, I sat at the back of the class with my notebook and pen, ignoring lectures and school notes—instead, I was writing poetry. I knew then I wanted to become a writer.

The novel
I stopped writing poetry in my early twenties. Suddenly, I was an adult—working hard as a fulltime graphic designer, and putting in more hours than I really wanted to. There was no time for writing, or so I thought. Until one day, during another hectic day at work, I stepped outside for a quick coffee break. It was then I became aware of two things: one, I was burnt out, and two, I needed to write—badly.

The plot for HIGH quickly wrote itself in my head that day. I knew then, I was about to write my first novel.

The story
HIGH is about a burnt out workaholic from Manhattan who hops in a cab, late for an important presentation, but ends up in a coffee shop…in Montreal.

The protagonist
The idea for HIGH all stemmed from a feeling—a feeling of wanting to escape the chaos in my life at a particular moment in time. I ran with that idea and created the plot, the story, and my protagonist—Sonja Fines.

Sonja Fines is a fictional character I developed for my book. She is a thirty-year-old workaholic from Manhattan who hasn’t taken a day off in years. She’s sleep deprived, uptight, and quite unhappy. She lives a monotonous life. She goes to work early, comes home late, eats TV dinners, shops online when she can’t sleep, and then repeats the process the following day.

But things are about to change. Sonja’s exciting journey all begins with that same feeling of wanting to escape. But unlike me—Sonja actually does something about it. She flees. Unexpectedly. And what happens next will change her life dramatically.

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The author
I’m a writer and a graphic designer from California. I also recently became a children’s book author after I created a collection of beginner books for kids under the age of five called, Sammy’s Books. I live with my husband, my three-year-old daughter, and our two corgis in the City by the Bay. HIGH is my first novel. I am currently working on my second novel, Hearts and Errors.

Visit my blog at:

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Thank you so much, Pete, for the opportunity to stop by your blog during my HIGH Blog Tour. It was a treat. 🙂


Thanks for agreeing to guest post, Corey. Good luck with the blog tour!

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10 Responses to Blog Tour: Guest Post from Author of HIGH, Corey M. P.

  1. Pete Denton says:

    Thanks for agreeing to guest post, Corey. I hope you enjoy the rest of your blog tour.

  2. A very good Guest Blog Pete. Corey shows the different route we all take to arrive at wanting or needing to write.I wish her good luck with the books.

  3. great and interesting Guest Blog Post…

  4. Pingback: The First Thing I Ever Wrote | corey m. p.

  5. it is very interesting to learn what brings different people to write their first book.
    I have not got there yet but I know it will happen sooner or later.

  6. EllaDee says:

    Great guest post. I have come across a few of Corey’s posts. Very interesting to read about her story, novel, and the process behind it.

  7. 4amWriter says:

    Sounds like a fun read. That cover is awesome!

  8. Kourtney Heintz says:

    I like the premise a lot. And Sonja sounds like a protagonist worth spending several hours with. 🙂

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