The A to Z Blog Challenge



2012 was the year of challenges. I wanted to finish the second draft of my novel, write another book as part of Camp NaNo and expand my reading with the help of the Eclectic Reading Challenge.

What to do with 2013?

Last year, one of the challenges I contemplated participating in was the A to Z blog Challenge. The timing wasn’t quite right in 2012 so time to put that right. The enrolment for 2013 opened a few days ago and I’ve signed up.

For those of you not familiar with challenge, you post 26 times during the month of April and each post’s inspired by a different letter of the alphabet. First post about A, then B. Well, you get the message. A visual reminder of the alphabet.

Latin Alphabet

Latin Alphabet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might have noticed that I’m trying to blog more often this year. (Damn. Another post from that bald guy? Really? He posted last week!) This seems like a great opportunity to push myself.

For more details about the challenge, you can read all about it and sign up here.

Go on. Join in the fun!

Happy blogging.

35 Responses to “The A to Z Blog Challenge”

  1. That sounds like a fun challenge, I shall look forward to seeing what you come up with in April!

  2. It’s not for me, but i shall watch your posts with interest … and on a personal note i’m quite pleased to see yet another post from that bald guy :)

  3. 5 Linda Govik

    I was just wondering what this was from a comment on my blog – thanks for explaining :-D It sounds like a fun idea, and it fits well into the Ultimate Blog Challenge, too. One post a day during April… You’re in on that one, surely? :-)

    • Hmm. I’d not heard of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m not sure whether you can do blog fusion challenges. I might have to investigate. Thanks, Linda :)

  4. sounds great, looking forward for your A to Z post on April…

  5. I followed a gal who did this last year. It was fantastic. It was the A to Zs of The Beatles. Are you going to have a theme?

    • There may be a theme. The plan so far has a loose theme. I can exclusively reveal …

      … it won’t be about The Beatles

      • The Rolling Stones?

        • Not a stones fan either. Before you think that I’m too youthful for that 60s music I am a big The Who and The Doors fan. Bands with The in front of them were popular back then weren’t they?

          I’ve since realised when I signed up I declared my posts will be writing related. Should have read the small print :)

  6. Looking forward to it. Your baldness was my initial reason for subscribing to your blog ;)

  7. 17 myjourneyinwritinganovel

    Best of luck Pete! You’ve got this hands down. Maybe next year I can join in on the fun!

  8. 26 per month, whew. That truly is a challenge.

  9. I’m thinking about signing up again. I like that you can pick categories to post in this time, like writing and crafts and stuff. Ideas for the X posts are always interesting. :)

  10. It’s great to see you blogging more. More the fun :-)

  11. thanks for following my blog.
    This challenge looks like fun, you have given me an idea :)

  12. Congrats on taking up a new challenge in 2013. That’s a lot of posting in a month, but I look forward to hearing about your alphabetical topics. ;)

  13. OOO… Sounds like fun :)

  14. I joined last year and it was truly a challenge to blog everyday! Anyway, I’m joining again this year….see you then!

    • Thanks, Rosanna. It is daunting at the moment. I’m going to need to do some serious planning :) I’ll watch out for your AtoZ Posts.

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