Boxing Day

A quick post.

In contrast to last year where my Boxing Day special meal of basically fried Christmas Lunch caused me a year of problems, this year I replaced the fried food with a healthy dose of salad with my Boxing Day cold chicken. And, before anyone asks, yes, BEANS with salad. I do have very interesting taste in food. Always have done and it works for me πŸ™‚

This really was my lunch!

This really was my lunch!

And, a picture to emphasise that everyone in our household participates in the festive spirit. Even the stuffed members of the family wear Christmas hats!

Credit (if that’s remotely the right word for this) goes to my wife who probably so she could remove her own hat, fashioned smaller versions.

Christmas Celebration

Sergei, Sheila and little Norm

Have a great Boxing Day for those following the festiveness of the holidays. Alternatively, Happy Wednesday.

About Pete Denton

I'm a writer working my way through the redrafts of a British crime novel. I also write short stories, flash fiction and some screen writing. Check out my blog for more.
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6 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. Glad to see someone else had to slow down on the eating today too. I’m so glad that next Christmas is at least another 6 months away ( it comes quicker every year) so I don’t have to look at another meal the size of yesterday’s till then. Happy New Year Pete,.

    • Pete Denton says:

      Thanks, David. It does seem to arrive faster each year doesn’t it?

      With all the dieting I’ve been doing, I didn’t manage to clear my plate, which is very unusual for me. I need to go into training to make sure it doesn’t happen again πŸ˜‰

  2. I got Zoey the Cool Cat a new box for Boxing Day. She loved it!

  3. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Happy Boxing Day! πŸ™‚ Love the pics.

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