Pete Denton:

I’ve just posted this to the Steel City Writers blog, but any UK based Writers might be interested in this piece on Flash Fiction.

Originally posted on Steel City Writers:

I hadn’t heard of flash fiction until about a year ago though I don’t get out much.

I didn’t know that there was a growing movement towards this short style of writing. When you study creative writing, the number of exercises that start with: ‘In 300 words write a story about …’ you get a lot of practice writing really short stories.

For our FREE e-book – Just Get It Out There (see I did it again, shameless!) we set ourselves a challenge of writing a 500 word short story. Four of them made it into our book and I think we all had a great time writing them.

Flash fiction doesn’t leave you with space for superfluous words. You have to tighten your writing and get to the point, which has to be a good thing.

Writing in this style helps longer pieces as well. When editing I find…

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  1. I read about that recently and looked at just how many words 300 was and decided that I’m too talkative to stop at 300. lol

    • It is a good exercise in editing. I think Flash Fiction is classed as anything up to about 1000 words, but if you have more of a story to tell then why limit yourself to a specific word count :)

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