Twitter made me buy a Kindle

A couple of months ago I told a friend that I would never buy a Kindle. I love that new book smell, the course texture of the paper and being able to bend the pages over if I want to. I can crease the spine and no-one can stop me. It’s my book. A cold, hard piece of technology could not replace that.

Earlier this week my Kindle arrived. So what changed?


It really is that simple. I discovered this strange and wonderful new world inhabited by other writers who have written short stories and novels. Many have gone the e-book route into publishing, so I can’t go into a book shop and buy their work. They sound interesting and I want to read them. It’s their fault really.

I’ve mentioned before (you can go back and check) that I’ve joined a writing group from my Open University Creative Writing course. The very talented Craig Hallam produced an e-book of his short stories. Now, I’ve read a number of his other stories and wanted to get this book but I needed something to read it on.

I know, I know. I could just download it and read it on my PC. I have an iPhone so I could download it for that. Did I need to buy an e-reader?

Yes, I did.

I don’t like reading too much on my PC. When I’m writing I get to a stage where I need to print the story and read it on paper. I don’t think I could read an entire novel on my laptop. It’s just not book friendly enough for me. The screen on my phone doesn’t really lend itself to reading a novel on either. No, I wanted an e-reader and after some research, the Kindle won.

So the interesting folk on twitter, with their e-book novels and short stories have brought me into the Kindle world. I’ve just finished a paper back book I bought from Ludlow market (Tess Gerritsen – Call After Midnight) and as well as the Craig Hallam collection: Not Before Bed I have downloaded Seed by one of my Twitter friends – Ania Ahlborn, a horror story that sounds like my kind of book.

I follow other writers on Twitter and I have already started compiling a list of authors and books I want to download. Two of my stories will be published in an e-book anthology soon, so I will be able to download them as well. So much choice. I love it!

I will still buy the odd paper book, but with so many e-books in genres I wouldn’t normally read, I’m looking forward to the new reading experience.

I’d love to hear your views on the e-book revolution. Good or bad?

Thank you for reading.

About Pete Denton

I'm a writer working my way through the redrafts of a British crime novel. I also write short stories, flash fiction and some screen writing. Check out my blog for more.
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42 Responses to Twitter made me buy a Kindle

  1. Stef says:

    I am still not convinced. Or maybe I’m just not inspired … I like the idea of the Kindle, but is it THE eReader for me? I know there are others out there, but then will they limit my choice of things to read? Ergh. I’m putting it into the “too hard basket” for a little while, then I’ll come back to the epic decision that is Kindle and decide … once I’m armed with chocolate and coffee, at least.

    • Kimberly says:

      I think the Nook may be better because of color display. However, I understand that the Nook is not as efficient/fast as the Kindle. Page turning is slower on the Nook and possibly downloads.

      • petedenton says:

        Thanks for your comments.

        As far as I can tell, the nook isn’t currently available in the UK. You’d think in this day and age companies would want to exploit the global marketplace. Apparently not!


  2. petedenton says:

    Thanks for the comments, Stef. I took some convincing to buy an e-reader but my sister has a Kindle so I had a play around with that and liked it. I’ve only read a couple of short stories so far but I’ve found it suits me.

    I hope you find what’s right for you. Though chocolate always sounds good to me.

  3. Craig Hallam says:

    Thanks for the mention, Pete. Hope you enjoy the stories! A recommendation for your kindle would be the Isambard Smith series. Really funny in the vein of Hitchhiker’s guide. Ania’s SEED is also q great read. Good choice. Maybe try some Aaron Polson, too. Enjoy the Kindle!

    • petedenton says:

      You’re always welcome, Craig.

      Thanks for the recommendations. I’m using the Kindle as an opportunity to read diverse genres that I wouldn’t normally read. Keep them coming.


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  5. Hey, Pete! Great post. I know where you are at. I love books the same way. In fact, as I type this, I am surrounded by them. I will always surround myself with them and will never lose the love of acquiring another—new or used. However, I’ve long since fallen in love with my Kindle. What I figured out (in addition to the fact that I can read faster and longer for some reason with the e-ink) is that what I loved about books most is still there. And I can carry a million of them with me at all times; flip between them in bed on a whim. Change books in midstream as we do with our music now. I was totally where you are a couple years ago, but now I would rather buy two copies of a favorite book—one to put in my walls and another to carry in my pocket! 🙂 Cheers!

    • petedenton says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      You’re right about the e-ink. I’ve only read a few short stories so far but it is so easy on the eye. I like the fact that you can send .doc files to the Kindle as well. I can read my own stuff how others will read it.

      I’ve just bought a new bookcase so I need to keep buying some paper books to put on it!


  6. rosereads says:

    My e-book vs. real book decision was made when my friend, Edward Medina, published his first book on Amazon. I wanted to read it so I downloaded the app for my phone. Then came twitter and like you I began to make connections with other writers and couldn’t get their books any other way.

    I haven’t gotten a kindle, yet, but I know that it is in my future. The screen on my phone isn’t so much a problem, but the battery drainage is. I still love my tangible books, but the e-books are gaining a place in my heart. They also fit my budget. I can but six or seven e-books for the price of one tangible book.

    • petedenton says:

      Thanks for the comments. It seems a lot of people have similar experiences. Someone they know publishes an ebook and you need something to read it on.


  7. Poverty stricken is what I am, Pete, so I’m waiting for Santa to bring me a Kindle? Preference? I’d rather have a paperback, but the Kindle will help keep the baggage weight down on those flights to Tenerife

    • petedenton says:

      I hope Santa is kind this year.

      I can definitely see the beneift of taking the Kindle on holiday. I took four books on holiday a few weeks ago and they certainly add to the weight of the suitcase when one is in Hardback!


  8. I bought a Kindle after kicking and screaming that I was a die-hard bibliophile (hard or soft cover variety). Love my Kindle; but there was something about “old friends” that I had known all my life. So, yes, I still buy my print copies. It’s so wonderful that my Journey series is available in both formats on Amazon.
    Love the honest way that you write. Wishing you the best with your projects.

    • petedenton says:

      Thanks for the comments much appreciated.

      I’ve got six brand new paper books to read so I’ll alternate for a while I think. I’ll check out your site.


  9. I absolutely positively love my kindle. I looked at all the different e-readers before making my choice and hands down the Kindle won. I have also found a lot of great authors on Twitter that I have the joy of reading on my kindle.

    In fact, twitter is how I found you.

  10. nickwastnage says:

    I like your post. Well done.
    Have your tried going on to any of the kindle, nook forums – both UK and US – and goodreads? There’s loads of comments there, not only kindle, but mainly.

  11. I alternate between my Kindle and traditional books, usually having both going at one time, the paper/hard-back at my bedside, the Kindle anywhere else I might go. They each have their place. Yes, that means I’m reading two books at one time. That doesn’t count my audio book that lives on my smart phone. What I like is when I’m out shopping with the wife and she goes into a store of no interest to me, but I don’t have my Kindle with me, I can sit outside and bring up my current Kindle book on my smart phone and it knows what page I was last reading. It’s not just the Kindle eReader itself, but the entire Kindle way of doing things.

  12. Isn’t it ironic how things work sometimes?

    I say this because my entire life, I have been an avid reader and enjoyed looking my collection on the shelf, once finished, of each thing I read ( or sometimes, re-read). I swore when ebooks became “all the rage” that I wouldn’t succumb to them that even though my Droid and Xoom possess the capability to do so, preferring my hard bound books.

    But then I wrote a book.

    My friends and family,y loved it as that walked with me during the process and i tried for months to find a literary agent or publisher. After numerous rejection letters, a coworker offered this: “hey, publish it yourself on Amazon.”

    And so i did.

    Now, six months later, my book is available on Amazon as well as B&N. And i have read it on the downloaded app for both the Nook and the Kindle on my Xoom (btw, I like the Nook app better).

  13. Ah, technology: as i sit here and type about the wonders of modern electronic gadgets, I noticed after it was too late that I spelled my own name wrong……:/

  14. Tony Roberts says:

    Another important readers for writers to have ebook readers is because more and more that’s what their readers are using. Writers need to be aware of all the ways their readers are experiencing their work.

  15. The ebook is going to get us all in the end. Adapt or die, I reckon!

  16. Still swithering! Just got some birthday cash (cheque – thanks Mum and Dad!) and it’s sitting staring up at me from my desk, willing me to spend it. I so want to get one and I so don’t know if I should.

    My main dilemma is that, as with all new technology, it will move on soon. A colour version must be imminent and when it arrives it will make the plain old B&W one seem rather old fashioned. Oh, and I’ll have to lash out again for the colour one. It’s just like TV’s, laptops, and so on. I always seem to take the plunge at just the wrong moment and feel like I wasted my money.

    And, they have just muddied my waters by having three different models.

    Oh, man…what to do?!

    • petedenton says:

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’m usually like that and there are bound to be other models out there that will improve on the current models. I wanted one NOW! I went with what I’d seen but there are other makes and models. I hope you get the right one for you.


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  19. My hands get twitchy without a book in them at night time but with so many e.books out there I was forced to get Kindle for PC so I can read some. I started doing a couple of reviews for other author friends who wanted to send e.books to me and through that I found smshwords that I have npw published one of my books as an because they work on a variety of e.readers. I’m being driven technologically mad and I’m far too old for it. So house rules now..Kindle-day, Book-night and I can just about cope.

  20. I’m late to the party on commenting here, but I couldn’t resist.

    I LOVE the feel/smell of a book. However, for space reasons alone, I went the e-reader route. I still buy books (I have 2 young kids), but I’m mostly going the Kindle route. We simply ran out of room for more books!

    The nice thing about my Kindle, is that I can go on vacation and take one “book” with me, and still have a whole selection. Also, I can get books the minute they hit the shelves – a major plus for patience-challenged folks such as myself.

    • Pete Denton says:

      The party on e-readers is always open. 🙂

      I do like a book but the more I read on my Kindle the more converted I am. I will still buy some books, but not nearly as many as ebooks. Enjoy your ebook reading.

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  24. Balu says:

    EBooks are not bad, but they are no way equal to real books.
    Your blog is interesting!

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